RPT/LPT on wrong side of work?

Hi all, I’m having some trouble finding details about how to do RPT/LPT when working right and wrong sides of a knitting project. If the pattern calls for an RPT on the right side of the work, does that mean on the wrong side I would just work an RT in place of the RPT? Or do I work the RPT on both sides? Any information on this would be super helpful - thanks so much!

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Usually on the WS you work the sts as they appear, knit the knit and purl the purl. Are there subsequent WS rows that also have a twist? If so, a twist or cable that leans right on the RS would lean left on the WS.
What is the name of your pattern?

Thank you for replying! I’m knitting the Oda Vest from Skall Studio - the RPTs and LPTs are what make up the diamond design on the front and back of the vest… I’ve been knitting in the round up to this point, but the next instructions are to knit both the back and the front separately, and so I’m getting confused about what stitch to do in place of the RPT on the wrong side so that it doesn’t mess up how the design on the front looks, if that makes sense.

Very nice. And when you knit in the round the pattern has you twist sts on every round or every other round?

A quick swatch knitted flat, with one or two repeats, will let you test out what to do. It’s only small so you can see quickly whether the pattern is forming correctly, and if you get it wrong you can rip back and try again with only a few minutes expended. You can even use different yarn.

Lovely design!

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