Royal Ball Winder

Purchased a used ball winder from one of my LYS that is going out of business.

Does anyone have the instructions for how to use it that they could send me (PM me)? Any help is appreciated.


It’s pretty simple so I’ll just try to explain… let’s see… well, first you want to swing out the guide (metal loopy thing). It should snap into place. Clamp the winder to a table edge. Put the bobbin (white tubular thingy) on the base of the winder – give it a little twist to lock it. Put the yarn through the guide, place the end of the yarn in the little grooves on the top of the bobbin, and then start winding. Hope that made sense.

i did all of that, but the yarn, while winding, kept spilling over underneath the ball winder or on top of it, does this make sense? i was unable to make a decent ball of yarn :pout:

that metal yarn guide thingie swings at different angles. does the trick lie in that?

The metal piece should snap into place so that it sticks straight out… if you flip it over, you might be able to see that there are two positions-- it folds down so that it stores easier, then swings all the way out and snaps into place

ahhhhh! ill try to snap it into place. gracias!

I kept getting yarn under the bobbin thingy too. I think cuz the yarn keeps slipping out of the little loopy metal tension thingy. I just stop and put it back in the metal thingy and its fine. It took me a couple of times to get it too so just practice practice practice. Good luck :cheering:

Thanks Jane so much for the info. Lilyarn also pm’d me some instruction as well. Tomorrow, my DD and I will be balling up all my purchases.

One day I want to own this Ball winder.