I’m a bit confused on this…

Is Rowan (tapestry, rowan spray, etc) the same as RYC (cashsoft, cashcotton, etc)?
I read that RYC = Rowan Yarn Classic…
I was looking at the labels for both of these and they look completely different, do they both just happen to share the name Rowan? Or… is RYC a umm… sub group? or is it one of Rowan’s lines? :??

I have NO idea, but I have been meaning to tell you for some time that I LOVE that scarf on your icon. The depth of the picture as well as the color and texture are magnificent. A very nicely taken picture. And a very nicely knitted scarf. And a very lovely shade of green.

I believe the Rowans are the same company.

Thank you! :smiley:
Of all my knitting pictures that’s definitely my favorite. Sadly though, after taking the picture I never worked on the scarf again. It was my first attempt at cables and after proving to myself that I could do them I stopped. :oops:

I just stopped by the RYC website and there was a link to the Rowan website. I’m still unsure of their exact relationship… but, like you said, they’re definitely the same company.
Thanks! :smiley:

So it will be exactly that beautiful forever?
I was just thinking it would be amazing as the top edge of a blanket.

In fact you gave me an idea for my boss’s baby’s blanket!!!

yes, they are the same, the ryc line is for more classic standard yarns, while the Rowan label has some standards, like cotton glace, but also some funky yarns that go into production for a couple of seasons (cotton braid, glimmer print, holiday, cotton rope, cotton tape for ex) and then are discontinued in favor of a new interesting kind of yarn.

Mostly, I’ve noticed that if the yarn has its own pattern book and is not prominently featured in the Rowan Magazines, it’s a ‘funky’ yarn that you should buy up while you see it, because it may not last very long :slight_smile:

There is one super cheap yarn that is from the same mill that makes Rowan. I can never remember the name though. I need to get some bulky yarn for a cardi I want to me. (Yes, it’s still that cold up here. :open_mouth: )