Rowan Yarns

I just got my newsletter from “The Woolie Ewe” in Plano. They’re having a great sale on Rowan yarns, so DH is taking me there next Thursday. Anyway, I just wanted to know if Rowan make a yarn that is suitable for a sweater. Keep in mind that I live in Tx, and heavy wools just aren’t practical.

I don’t have any personal experience with Rowan but I use this site to learn about various yarns. The section on Rowan starts off with some nice looking cottons for an “all season sweater”. There’s 3 pages of Rowan yarns.

There’s a Rowan website… Might give you some ideas. I believe they have a cotton or cotton blend yarn.

rowan damask is new (?), for summer, and so beautiful…
I love all their yarn.
if you get some super cheap, I’ll be very jealous.

Hi there,
I’m a UK knitter and have used a lot of Rowan Yarns. They do indeed do a cotton blend, but also 100% cotton yarns in 4ply and dk. There are also some silk blends and the baby yarn range is very fine to produce thinner garments suitable for you lucky folk in warmer climes!
Here the summer has been a washout! Never mind more time to sit indoors and knit :cheering:
Hope this helps and that you get lots of lovely bargains at your store!

jdee - I got the same newsletter… Jill and the girls can easily direct you to lighter weight Rowan. See you there

That’s a great idea. I saw a scarf in there last year, that I loved, and wanted to make for DH’s daughter. when I asked about it, she knew right away which book the pattern was in.

Hope you find lots of stuff. It’s going to be fun!

WOW! What a great day yesterday was. As planned, we went to Plano, so I could shop at the Woolie Ewe. I spent way too much money, but I they had Rowan Plaid for 75% off! I know I said that I didn’t want wool, but, how could a knitter possibly be expected to pass that up? I also got some of Rowan’s cotton jeans yarn (I’m not sure what it’s called) for 20% off. I would have continued, but I’d already spent over money we’d set aside for this trip. My husband just chuckles, and gives me the extra money. He knows I won’t put us in the poorhouse, so he’s pretty sweet and understanding about the times I go on yarn buying frenzies. Besides, he knows, as well as I do, a good bargain when he sees one.

Now for the best part of the trip. As some of you know, I’ve been trying to knit my first sweater. I have to confess that I’ve put it to the side before even knitting half of it. I just don’t think it will fit me. I decided it would be a better idea to make a sweater for my husband, because he doesn’t get as depressed as I do when clothes don’t fit him. I have two bags of brown cascade sierra yarn that I’d bought from a little knits full bag sale. He had picked out the color. I then found a pattern online that he liked, but the sizes didn’t go big enough to fit him, and the gauge was completely different from the yarn used in the pattern.

Anyway, I took this pattern, and a hank of my cascade yarn with me to the Woolie Ewe, and she explained to me that with the gauge being so completely different, she wouldn’t advise me to used that yarn, then she made me a pattern, similar to the one I’d found, that I could use my yarn to make. I guess they have some kind of software that allows them to do that. Wasn’t that nice of them?? As we were leaving the store, I told my husband “I want to live here.” And I didn’t mean I wanted to live in Plano. I meant I wanted to live THERE…at the Woolie Ewe. lol