Rowan Windfall Shawl

I have tried this at least 20 times and end up with the wrong number of sts. I end up with one less st than I should have.

Cast on 4 sts
Knit one row
Cont in pattern as foll:
Row 1: K1, yfwd, sl 1, K1, psso, K1
Row 2: Inc in first st, yfwd, sl 1, K1, psso, K1 (should have 5 sts here, but I end up with 4)

The pattern continues on in pretty much the same way, but I can’t get passed the first three rows. I am about to go nuts!!!

I think that the pattern has left out a yarn over before the slipped sts. What pattern is this that u r working on? EDIT…I’m sorry, I see the pattern name in the name of the post :doh: . Okay, is this a pattern that has a lacey look?

It is out of Rowan Knitting Magazine #28. I have looked on Rowan’s site for corrections and there is nothing for this magazine. I was thinking the same thing. If I throw a st in there it may work out.

I’ve googled about & can’t find a clear enough photo to see the design of the shawl, the pics are all too small for me to see :smiley:
Perhaps if u email Rowan they can address this situation quickly

So, I am not crazy? It doesn’t work out right?

Okay, when u knit 1, then yarn forward, this yarn forward is probably meant to create a yarn over as u are slipping the next st…this will give u your lost stitch. That’s the only thing that I can figure out :smiley:

I gave that a try and it is working. I can’t tell yet if it looks like the pattern. So, now I will change all the yfwds to yarn overs:) Thanks for the help!

:smiley: U bet, happy to help :wink: