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Hi fellow crafters

I am attempting the biggest knitting challenge of my life for my daughter and im already stuck.

I just cant understand the pattern the wsy its written. Im used to increases up for sleeves where the instructions say increase at each end of the following and every 4th row. But the way this pattern is written is confusing me. Also i have got up to the bit where it says " work 2 rows in patt" does this mean the first 2 rows of the panel pattern or does this mean the 2 rows above the actual panel bit (please see the photo)

Perhaps i have bitten off more than i can chew!!!


Welcome to KH!
The pattern rows are 1-6. If you’ve just finished row 6 then the next 2 rows are rows 1 and 2.

Which size are you making and what is the name of the pattern itself? It’s lovely.

Hi there

Thank you for your comment.
Its roman quail studio booklet . Its a lovely cardigan but I am not a very experienced knitter (only 4 years) and although i have knitted garments before such as cardigans and jumpers this is much more intricate so may well be asking for more help down the line



You need to keep repeating the 6 panel pattern rows until the sleave measures the length given for your chosen size, so the work 2 rows in patt is row 1 and row 2, these 2 don’t have increases at this time but when you get to pattern row 3 and beyond you have to work the increases at the same time as following the 6 rows of pattern.
The first one is on the next row which will be row 3 of your pattern, it says work the increase into the stocking stitch part of the pattern. 1 stitch each end of row 3, then on x following 6th or 8th own depending on your chosen size.
Then, still keeping the 6 row pattern going there is the next instruction of increases “x following 8th/10th rows”
You might find it less confusing if you circle or highlight the instruction for the size you are making.

Those 6 rows (panel patt) give instruction for the whole row of the sleeve, not just the panel, eg the “k to marker” is the stocking stitch part of the sleeve. This part will increase as you add those inc stitches in but because it always says k to m it will always be in St st and the pretty pattern will stay in line in the cente of the sleeve. Does that make sense?

I don’t think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, I think once you get into the swing of it you will really be okay. Whilst knitting you will see that pattern progress (which you must have already done on the front, yes?) and will be able to check visually that you are in the right place.

Does it make sense?

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Come back any time and ask. I hope we get to see a photo when you finish!

Hello there and thanks for your time in replying to my plea for guidance!
My daughter likes cardigans slouch so I am knitting the biggest size.
What i still dont understand is the bit in the pattern that says increase the stitch at the 8th row because it said increase on the X. What does the X mean?
Would you be kind enough to write what actually I have to do in the biggest size please?
I spent £119 on this wool and I really really don’t want to mess it up as you hold 2 yarns together a mohair and a kid classic so to unpick it would be hell.

I would be so very grateful.



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The pattern says to inc at each end of the next row and then every 8th six times and every 10th twice for the largest size. If you call the next row, row 1 then you would inc at each end of rows 1,9,17,25,33,41 and 49 then rows 59 and 69. The increases are worked as part of the stockinette pattern as Creations mentioned.

I’m not sure where the “X” appears in the pattern scan?

Sound like really pretty yarn!

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Hi again

Thanks i have written it out as you said. I thought that as the most of the sleeves Is stst then the middle pattern panel is the 6 rows listed so i would have to do the 2 rows above to make up the stst part but i am throwing caution to the wind and trying.

The X bit is the bit that creation wrote (see her reply)

Thanks very much


My apologies @salmonmac and @Sarah1971, the “x” i wrote was just because I did not know which size was being made so I just put it as a replacement digit.
Also sorry sarah as I thought you had some understanding of the type of “next and every following 4th” so I wasn’t sure how much detail you needed for the “6 following 8th rows” which thankfully salmommac has detailed.

I’m not surprised you want to get it right with the double yarn and the cost! Hand knitting certainly isn’t cheap is it?
The slippers im currently making cost around £20 is, for my son. First, I can buy slippers for £5 and second he hardly ever puts slippers on :smile: :laughing: :rofl:

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Hi there

Thought i would update you both with my progress thanks to you 2 ladies.
I have finished the 1st sleeve and feel confident now to start the front.

Thanks for your help as although i emailed Rowan. I didnt hear back from them so thanks to you both xxxx

Sarah xx


It looks lovely. You’ve got the pattern working very nicely and you knitting looks good.

Looks great!

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Thank you both. Here is the start of the left side


This is going to be beautiful. You are definitely up to the challenge!

Thank you xxx it’s a lot easier than i was scared it was going to be

Wow its great!
I’ve never made anything like this. It looks so lovely .