Rowan Kidsilk Haze

I have four balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. My goal is to make a shawl for my Mother. She is a very very particular woman and I am a bit apprehensive. She wants a wrap style that is rectangular, she wanted it black and she wants it to be lightweight. The yarn is lovely that I have but wow does it scare me. I have never worked with such fine yarn.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I have spent hours (really really hours, I am makin myself nuts) looking at patterns and I cant seem to find one that fits both the yarn that I have and the rectangular shape that she wants. Some that I found just looked sooo complicated that I am not sure.
The needles I have are the suggested ones for the yarn in size three. I am seeing most patterns that are lacey call for larger needles though?

Feelin clueless and a little overwhelmed atm. I have put this project off for months now and I am startin to feel a bit guilty. Can anyone give me advice?
Thanks in advance, I am sorry I post with so many questions. Everyone here is so kind and I really do appreciate the help.


I have being drooling over some Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Marmalade. It is so soft and pretty. The woman at a LYS told me that it does look good knit on larger needles, obviously making a very sheer garment.

I have a Karabella Mohair Wrap pattern that calls for a lace weight mohair, I plan on using the Kidsilk even though it is more of a DK weight. The pattern uses a brioche stitch, but i also googled some other stretchy stitches and found a turkish stitch and a mock turkish stitch (free shawl pattern on Elann) that might look good in the Kidsilk. The shawl on Elann is not rectangular, but you might want to check out the stitch pattern.

I am waiting for Barbara Walkers knitting treasury book from the library. The Vogue Stitchonary might have some good ideas for you also. I haven’t seen either of these books in person, but they might be a good place to start.


My friend, Mari, has done countless shawls, all are stunning. Here is her blog, perhaps you can get some ideas from her :smiley:

Wow she’s got a lot of shawls!!! :inlove:

Thanks! I found a somewhat local yarn shop that carries Fiber Trend Patterns. I think I just need to plan to go there and hunt down some patterns.
Thanks again!!

Wow. :shock: What beautiful knitting, and she donates so much of it. And, she is so fast!!!