Rowan Kid Classic Yarn Problem

I’m knitting a swatch with this yarn, Rowan Kid Classic, and it is “bunching” or “worming” (I don’t know the right word to describe it) as it feeds through my hand. The yarn is a blend of wool, mohair and nylon and the wool and mohair aren’t feeding through my hand as fast as the nylon. Has anyone else had this problem? If yes, what did you do?

Thanks in advance for your help.


The yarn sounds lovely and seems to get high marks on Ravelry:

I haven’t used it but I’ve knit with multi-strand yarn before and it helps not to tension it too tightly in you hand. Leave it a little looser and see if it lessens the bunching. Sometimes this takes deliberate thought as you start working but it becomes easier.

Thanks for your prompt reply and welcome. I have tried to keep the yarn looser in my hand but, unfortunately, that creates problems with my tension. I’ll just keep plugging away with the hope that someone has used this yarn and has a simple solution.

Thanks again!


Hi. I actually had this problem with Lion Brand Homespun yarn. It drove me crazy! And I vowed never to use that yarn again. That being said… I promptly went out and bought 3 more colors to do other projects - lol!

However, what I had to do was NOT use the “tension finger”. I actually dropped the yarn after wrapping it around the needle. Slowed me way down, but I didn’t have the bunching and still enjoyed the projects.

Hope you have fun, too…

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Thanks for your support. What I am doing is only using the tension finger slightly and not running the yarn between my little finger and ring finger. As you said it is very slow but this yarn is worth it.

Yes I have also had the same issue with this wool. It’s quite annoying and I won’t be using it again. I’m quite surprised it’s doing it because it’s a very high quality expensive wool. Its almost as if the strands of wool are not correctly bound together. I just let it bunch up in my hand and try to even it out a bit whilst I’m knitting. The only good thing is it doesn’t affect the knitted piece . There are no lumpy stitches it all looks even. So the best advice is just keep knitting as normal and roll on the end of the pattern!!

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I have that problem with Lamb’s Pride. It seems to spiral. Try dangling the needles and your work in progress up over the floor. See if it spins and rights itself out of the corkscrew.