Rowan Cotton Tape

Have any of you used this? It is the current add thing at the top of the page for Elan and it looks ever so scrumptious - but I have never used a tape yarn and wonder if I would like it or not???

I don’t know about rowan tape, but I’m knitting with a ribbon yarn right now and I really like the way it drapes.

That cotton tape sweater at the top of the page is gorgeous! I was wondering the same thing!

I even looked at the pattern book and I see at least 4 things that I like.

I love the yellow jacket, the pink sweater, one or two of the tanks oh oh oh oh oh can I restrain myself???

Even if you could, why would you? :roflhard: :roflhard:

:smiley: It does look very yummilicious…very Eastery :wink:

DAMN YOU ROWAN COTTON TAPE! (said in my best Stewie Griffith imitation) - you continue to tease me and taunt me!

I’m thinking I might have to get some for a sweater…now to find the pattern and how much I’ll need… :happydance:

I am placing an order today. Must have some. Thats all there is to it.