Row of Single Crochet on a knitted sweater

I don’t crochet, but have been watching a video on how to do single crochet. How do I accomplish this on a knitted sweater? I am supposed to put a row of single crochet around the neckline of this sweater and I can’t figure out how to do it. I know how to make a crochet chain and I can do a single crochet from the chain, but when using the stitches on a sweater neck instead how do I do it?

Do I do a chain all around the neckline then do a single crochet from that? I don’t know if anyone can even explain it to me by posting. I am left handed, which has it’s own issues too!lol

I think I figured it out all by myself thanks!

Insert the crochet hook down into an edge st of the neckline and pull up a loop. Wrap hook and pull yarn thru both loops. One sc completed (one loop on ndl). Insert in next neckline st, wrap, repeat.

Very easy and if you don’t like the look, or feel you’re picking up too frequently, or not freq enough, just unzip and redo.


You don’t need to chain, because your neckline acts like the chain, or a previous row. You just find where you’ll put the first single crochet, and start going around.

Thanks folks. Right after I posted, stubborn woman that I am sat and rewatched the video and figured it out by myself. I came back in to delete the post, but couldn’t. Thanks again for your help. I decided to put in a second single crochet row and think it looks alright.