Row Gauge Question

So, I’ve never really done a pattern before where row gauge was critical to the shaping, so I’ve never had this issue arise before.

I was looking over a pattern I purchased for a baby hat I’d like to make and was pleased to note that I can get stitch gauge close enough with some lovely yarn I already have on hand, despite the fact that neither the needle size nor the yarn weight match those called for (I’ve been doing 21 sts to 4 inches with sport weight on another project, vs 22 sts with DK that this pattern calls for). However, the row gauge is WAY off–about 24 sts to 4 inches vs 32.

This seems an obvious problem: since the pattern involves lots of shaping with increases and decreases to snugly fit a baby head, I can’t simply drop a few rows and achieve exact same shapes.

So anyway, I’m hoping appeal to more experienced knitters for suggestions of what might be some practical solutions in situations like this…?

What pattern are you making?
DK and sport yarns are pretty close in weight and gauge:

I sometimes run into this problem with raglan shoulder shaping. You may be able to convert the rows to inches and work the shaping by paying attention to the length measurement.

I bought the pattern here:, which has a couple photos. (I believe its ok to post the link to her page as long as I’m not posting/sharing the copyrighted pattern itself…?)

You can clearly see in the pics how there are fairly aggressive decreases at the sides and at the back.

I like your idea. Just have to do the math, but it doesn’t sound too daunting.

That’s an adorable pattern and the link is the perfect way to post. Enjoy knitting this darling hat.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I thought it just looked too cute NOT to knit…

Our grandson, who’s now ten, was a preemie. I sat down and made ten preemie hats instantly, each different. The one the nurse said would be the most useful – K2, P2. Dull and I can understand why.