Row counters

OK - the dogs stole my cheapo plastic row counter. :rollseyes: I can’t find the tiny little bugger.

If Im gonna look at the bright side :sunny: , this is now the time to buy a COOL row counter. Any suggestions???

How about a nice Latino one with glistening muscles and a loin cloth? I hear those can be a pleasure to work with. :thumbsup:

Ooh good post! I know I am going to get the electronic one for practical purposes… but I also want a cool/pretty one for froo froo purposes. I also know somewhere in the world exsist a foot tap counter which I’d love to find :inlove:

:roflhard: :roflhard: Can I name him Paolo??? :roflhard: :roflhard:

Nik…THAT is cool! Now, let’s see if I can find one for less than 20 bucks!

[size=2]And, Im SO glad it goes all the way up to 9999, because Ill be knitting ALL KINDS of things with 9999 rows!!! :rollseyes: [/size]

Last night I used peanut butter m&m’s for row counters. I lived in fear that dd would come out on the porch and take one of my precious counters. :lol:

lol…i would live in fear that i would get obsessed with the M&Ms and eat my own row counters!

I did about 3000 stitches yesterday. I had to force myself to eat the last one at midnight. :lol:

If my dogs are stealing a little plastic row counter, can you imagine what they’d do with PB M & M’s??? :shock: Not to mention the tummy trouble Id have to clean up later… :doh:

I never said it was a GOOD idea. :wink:

I like the little cheapo row counters. I have about 8 of them. I’ve used fancier counters, but I think they’re overrated. The ones that slip onto your needle are the best, IMO.

Of course, I’ve never tried M&Ms. Or glistening stud for that matter. :thinking:

hmm stud muffin… [color=red]m[/color] & [color=blue]m’s[/color]… :thinking: such choices we have… alas I will stick with my AC Moore specials. :sunny:

one of my girlfriends used to use M&Ms to count rows. she’d get REALLY mad when we ate her counters.
I am in the process of making some beaded row counters; I’ll post a pic when i’m done. I have a hangy row counter that i LOVE, but always forget to use. Right now I do the “uhh, that looks like about 20 rows” method.

I never remember to turn the counter, so I just count them periodically. The only time I really have to keep track is when I have to decrease every few rows and it doesn’t show up too well. But then again, I do an awful lot of chart work–post-its take care of keeping track.

I got a row counter bracelet along with matching earrings from a gal off of ebay and I wear them even when i’m not knitting. “Doreen” made me custom made ones (I chose the color and charm on them although the picture doesn’t show the needles and yarn charm on the bracelet, there is one.) I’ve got many compliments from them and the bracelet’s great for knitting.
Also check her on ebay under seahorse designs or row counter bracelets (I didn’t see any bracelets on her site but some one said she does have them on ebay and that’s where I did find her…)

i am in love :inlove:

Oooo … I like how you think! I’d have to have Plain, though.

A funny story: Our next-door neighbor’s daughter was over here playing the other day, and I had my knitting sitting on the sofa w/ my clicky row counter sitting on top of the pattern. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I hear “click, click, click, click” about 100 times. :shock:

Fortunately, my son had been playing with it earlier in the day; however he remembered what # it was on when he started & then reset it. I told him he needed to go reset it to 16 and then explain to his friend why she shouldn’t be playing with it. :doh:

I also saw this, which looks interesting; however, I’m afraid I would lose all the little pegs.

i almost bought the peg thingy when KK and i went to wool&Co … but she told me not to for that exact reason!

Oh, Contiknitter Kelly, you are evil!!! I am going crazy looking at/ordering the beautiful stitch marker and row counters. They are fantastic. I want…I need…I shouldn’t…I must.

Sorry… But , aren’t they beautiful! I :heart: mine!


I dont SEE the row counters!!! All I see are stitch markers! HELLLP!

And, yeah…that peg thingy was too futzy for me.