Row Counter?

Does anyone use a row counter? I’m thinking about getting one like thos one I don’t have any tyoe of counter yet, and I can barely remember what row I left off at :blush:

I got a log out message when I tried your link. Which type were you looking at? The ones that go on the end of your needle? or the type with a pegboard? I’ve used both, and to be perfectly honest, the thing that works best for me is to mark off my rows on my work… using a small saftey pin every 10 or 20 rows. :oops:

i use the red Clover brand one and would be LOST without it - even if you think you won’t need one, you will

especially when you have to make to equal size pieces of anything, like fingerless gloves where they tell you to knit “7 inches”

love mine!

This is one of those tomaytos tomahtos deals. I use row counters all the time. Others swear by paper and pencil. The advantage that paper and pencil has over the row counter is keeping track of multiple things going on in your knitting at the same time.

The one I linked to is electronic, and it hangs around your neck…it runs about $23…I may just pick up a cheap one at Michael’s this week!

I like the small plastic one that also acts as a st marker. Makes it REALLY convenient to use. AND its CHEAP!

Ya know–I have wondered if it would help me–I can’t remember anything anymore!! I really wanted one of those–I couldn’t see the site you listed either, but the one I wanted is an electronic one that you hang around your neck and just push as you finish a row–it counts it for you and runs on a watch battery. It’s about 23 bucks everywhere I see one. I just don’t know if I need it THAT bad --but lots of folks love theirs, and I’m thinking of getting one with my KnitPicks gift certificate so I’ll STOP WANTING THE THING SO BADLY!! :doh:

well Rebecca has that electronic one and she seems to swear by it. i only have the ones that double as stitch markers myself and they seem to be just fine. I am more likely to remember to count it if i have to move the thing too…buuuuuuuuuuuuut i rarely use them at all and end up just counting my rows. :rollseyes:

Nicole–I think the idea of yours marking the rows with safety pins is a great, cheap idea, too. (NOT CALLING YOU CHEAP, NOW!!) :roflhard:

Good thing my hubby didn’t see that. I’m CERTAIN he’d have a few comments about that {me being cheap, and not cheap! :roflhard: }
I’ve used the removable markers in the past, but they always disappear around here. The one thing that always seemed plentiful was tiny pins. They also work great when I was doing fine thread work. The larger ones were just too bulky to fit around stitches done in size 40 thread!

LOL, that’s exactly the one that I have :cheering: :cheering: I LOVE it…don’t know what I did without it! It’s worth every penny IMHO! I got mine right here! :wink:

Well, I’ll be. I never knew there was such a thing as an electronic row counter. I usually count rows by hand. I have one for slipping onto a needle but it is the small size and everything I’ve done lately has been too big.

Knitting the clogs made me a little crazy. I was having trouble keeping track of where I was, especially when I made the second size. So I typed the instructions for that size into Excel … I made the column size equal to the width of the text … and then I could move the cursor identifying the active cell down one row with each I completed so that it would effectively highlight the entire text for that row. That helped a lot.

I’ve thought several times of using pencil and paper to write a mark when I finish a row, but I figured you’d all laugh at me so I never did it. And I’m working on a bag now where every other row I have to slip a stich and the rows are 160 stitches … so I’ve taken my little box of stitch markers. When it is turned right side up, that’s a regular row. And when I start the “Slip” row, I turn it upsidedown.

Rebecca, that is the exact one I linked to! I may check Michael’s this week and see if they carry it, after all I do have a 40% coupon! :smiley:

[color=blueviolet]I love electric row counters. Although mine is a program, called CountAble, for my Palm PDA. I love it. I can have multiple projects going at at once and can track four different things in each project. Another cool thing about CountAble is I can copy and paste my pattern into the notepad section and have an all-in-one solution. It makes knitting on the go so convenient. Best of all it’s only $5.95. Check it out here.[/color]

I use multiple ways to count…
Like Jeremy, with pencil and paper for keeping track of multiple things in the pattern
Like nicole, with safety pins
With a row counter I made myself with scrap yarn and craft beads that works similar to an abacus
and Ellen, please notice who the ‘cheap’ one is around here :smiley:
Just do whatever you feel comfortable with… fancy gadgets or make-do, as long as the results are pleasing to you.
KNIT ON!! :thumbsup:

[color=darkblue]I use the counter from Susan Bates called “Peg It”. It is only a few dollars. It not only helps you count rows but decreases and increases.
Here is what it looks like:

I would be lost without my row counter. And, I use paper and pencil, too. I’m easily distracted, so I need all the help I can get :smiley: