Row 7: K6, K2 tog 3 times, [YO, K1]6 times,

Ok I’m knitting an Afghan and I’m on row 7 It says:
Row7: (Wrong side): K6, K2 tog 3 times, [YO, K1] 6 times, across to last 12 sts, K2 tog 3 times, K6.

I need this clarified for me I guess is what I am asking help on. Does this mean… Knit 6 sts, K2 tog 3 times, [YO, knit 1] 6 times, and repeat until there are 12 sts left on my needle?

yes, that is exactly what it means, but I don’t believe that is what is intended.

I THINK what is intended is k6; *(k2tog x3, (yo, k1)x6, k2tog x3; repeat from * until 6 stitches remain, k6

However I could be wrong.

I believe you are right. You are only supposed to repeat the bolded section until the last 12 stitches since you have 12 stitches at the beginning (in the blue font).

How many stitches did you cast on? This would be helpful in knowing for sure.

Is it possible to post a link to the pattern? or even just a picture of the finished afghan?

I think it’s kind of hard to tell what they mean the way it’s written.

This is a simple feather and fan pattern, though somewhat mangled. You first k6 for the border, the part that is repeated is k2tog 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, [I]and[/I] k2tog 3 times. They either left out the second k2tog 3times part from the repeat, or you didn’t notice it when typing it in. Otherwise you’re increasing 6 sts and only decreasing 3 so it will be off.

It looks like I was wrong. I think suzeeq is right and so was NMario.

ok yes the pattern is called pretty fans and feathers. Ya the pattern says cast on 138 sts so thats what I did. Then Rows 1-6: knit across. Row 7 (wrong side): K6, K2 tog 3 times, [YO, K1] 6 times, *K2 tog 6 times, (YO, K1) 6 times; repeat from *across to last 12 sts, K2 tog 3 times, k6. *= work instructions following * as many MORE times as Indicated in addition to the first time.

So about the row wrong side. Are instructions suggesting that row 6 was on the right side and row 7 should be on the wrong side? Because if so I have to start over. My row 6 is on the wrong side and row 7 is on the right side. Suzeeq your post sounds right I just wanted to make sure because it’s confusing for me to read. I’ll probably understand knitting more as I go.

Row 7 should actually be the RS because it’s the pattern row. Usually. If you don’t do anything but knit or purl on rows 8, 9 and 10, then don’t worry about it. Row 7 will still come out on the RS.