Roving wool best place to buy

Hi I’m just getting into knitting and making craft things out of wool. My project at dh moment is using merino roving wool . Where is he best place to buy ? I would rather buy in bulk as need a lot? Also need a few different colours etc
Also need yarn in many different colours
Thanks in advance

I’ve seen recommendations of

I haven’t purchased roving from either although I have bought yarn from Yarn Barn of Kansas and can recommend them.

Have you looked for sheep farms in your area? Are there any fiber festivals nearby? Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in the spring is a good source for roving. Also Rhinebeck Wool festival which is in mid-September.

My first ‘go-to’ place for buying roving is local fiber producers. You might be surprised just how many fiber flocks are in your area! To find them, you might have to do an internet search for the closest fiber mill and ask them about who their clients are in your area.

I’ve purchased from these next two suppliers a lot over the years.

R.H. Lindsay Company has a variety of fiber, including Merino 64s (21.5 micron) for as low as $15/lb (that is for a 29 lb bump, however they also sell it by the pound).

Carol Lee at The Sheep Shed Studio is another wonderful resource for dyed fiber. She and her husband, Carl, get mill ends from the Brown Sheep Yarn company. She also offers white fiber that you can dye yourself. Some is superwash, some is not. It is all wonderfully priced.

There is a store on etsy that has quality rovings for fairly cheap! I ordered 10 lbs to knit a chunky blanket and the wool was amazing. She dyes it and sends it right to you. The wool was really good quality and the owner was super sweet!

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