Round neck jumper - help needed please


i knitted a size 5 - 6 year old round neck jumper for my 3 year old. the trouble is the neck, he can’t get his head init :??

i know this jumper is headed for the bin, any ideas how i can increase the neck size for his head please? he’s not got a huge head, just not a 3 year olds (if you see what i mean)


Don’t throw it away yet! If you bound off the neck, you can take out the bind off, take out a few rows and bind it off loosely again.

If it’s a top down, I imagine you can still take out the cast on, though it’s harder, take out a few rows and bind off those stitches.

In the future, you can probably still follow the pattern but use larger needles on the neck parts and bind off very loosely–with an even larger needle. I’ve found that it’s usually the bind off that makes it hard to put over a ‘brainy’ head.

The only solution I know of is to rip out the stitches at the neck and do them again with a much larger needle.