Round felted coasters?

I know I saw them somewhere, but I can’t remember where!

As I have now spun some yarn, I’m trying to find lil’ projects to do with it. And these coasters would be perfect as a gift for my aunt and her family who are going to have a “we-now-have-our-own-house”-party.
Plus felting would hide my beginners yarn imperfections :rollseyes:

Is this it?

Thanks! That’s what I’ve been searching for.
But after a bit of testing I think I’ll crochet the coasters and make them rectangular. The yarn is just too bulky for anything else.

I crocheted mine, only I did them in the round. I absolutely love the way they turned out. I didn’t really follow any particular color pattern, just changing colors on rows at whim, but they turned out so very cool. The really neat thing is how well they work, too. :thumbsup: I keep one at my computer desk for my coffee. I made it a little larger than normal, as I drink out of an oversized mug. I made the others normal sized for tea glasses, and they really do absorb the moisture.

I used tapestry wool for mine. I found several skeins at Salvation Army for about 20 cents a skein. They were very 70’ish colors, and my ds’s girlfriend told me my coasters look very “retro”. :mrgreen:

PICTURES, Renn!!! :cheering:

Arg! I am going to have to take the time to sit down and figure this picture posting thing out. :doh:

Kelly, did you end up doing the felted coaster projects with your seniors? And if so, how’d it go? :smiley:

YES! YES YOU ARE!!! :mrgreen:

My project is scheduled for July 25th.

One the 11th, however, Im doing a slideshow of my Costa Rica trip!

One the 11th, however, Im doing a slideshow of my Costa Rica trip!

I’m sure that with you doing the running dialogue, it will be almost as entertaining for them as if they were there! :rofling:

Its going to be SERIOUS and EDUCATIONAL. :shifty:

Its going to be SERIOUS and EDUCATIONAL.

Roooiiiiggghhht. :thumbsup: :roflhard:

Just kidding, Kel. I’m sure even you can be serious when the need arises. :mrgreen:

No…I can’t. Im even funny at funerals. :verysad:

Well, hey. Everyone needs a pick-me-up at funerals. :happydance:

These round coasters look cute. I think I’ll give them a try soon. :XX: :XX: