Round Felted Coaster

I’ve never felted something crocheted before but want to make some round coasters and thought I would just use the pattern for a round dishcloth that’s crocheted.

Would that work? Has anyone ever done it? I’d love to see a picture.

You can felt crochet. The item just has to be larger, but I can’t tell you how much. :shrug:

It should work out fine.
Of course, you have to use non-superwash wool.
If the coasters end up too large, you can just cut the felted fabric to size.

Just remember many dishcloth patterns are for thinner cotton, to felt you will probably want bigger wool on a hook that is bigger than normally recommended for that wool, so it will end up being bigger if you follow the pattern all the way. Then if it felts it might only shrink down to the size of a dishcloth, too big for a coaster. I say do one that seems right and felt that to see what size it turns out before you crochet the other ones in case you decide the first one you felt was too big… or small.