Round corners in Stockinette

I do not have a pattern to describe to do this as it’s a project that has strayed very far from the original. I will describe as best I can what I want.

Picture a square swatch of stockinette. I would like to curve the top corners, so that my shape will look like a square with a half circle on top (kind of like a slice of bread). How do I do this?

Right now my “swatch” is 30 sts across and I’m using worsted yarn on 3.25mm (3US) needles.

Any ideas?

Oooh … good one …

Um … :?

I don’t have any ideas about bottom, up, but how about working from the top, down? Cast on small amount of sts, then gradually inc from the inside fo the work. Inc’ing on the sides might be too sharp for a half circle.

Sorry I can’t be of more help :frowning:

Can’t work from the top down because of the way it has been knitted thus far. Plus, I’m using a yarn with some angora, so frogging is nearly impossible.

I’ve tried decreasing with ssk and k2tog every knit row, but that only leaves me with a slant and not a curve.

I was thinking of varying which rows I decrease, or putting in extra decreases, but thought I’d ask around here first.

Varying dec rows sounds like a good idea. I’m also thinking that decreasing farther toward the center with each decrease might also give a curve. So on the first dec row, dec on the 2nd st. On the next dec row, dec on the 3th st. Then dec on the 4th, then 5th … etc.

Maybe that will help make a curve ??? :? Just an idea … :expressionless:

You can graph it out on knitter’s graph paper, to help figure out where to decrease. Here’s a great site that lets you print out graph paper exactly the size and proportion of your actual knitting.


Oh, I never even thought of working it on graph paper. Have that site bookmarked already :smiley:

I’ll give the varying spots for decrease a try along with the graph paper method.