Rough Looking Edges, Help!

Hi all:

So grateful for this website. I am wondering if someone can shed some light on getting more perfect edges on my knitting. I am knitting a sweater in stockinette and cannot for the life of me get great looking edges. I read someone elses post and they suggested slipping the first stitch on each row purlwise and that made the edges look better, but I find they still look quite loose. Any suggestions would be great.

If the edge is going to be seamed, it’s really not a problem.

After knitting a gazillion stitches, don’t get loose edges anymore. I try to look at what I’m doing, since this is such a common problem, and I tend to hold the yarn quite taut on the first couple of stitches and the first stitch kind of wraps itself around the needle and tightens up.

Thanks Ingrid. I guess I am trying to hard. I too make sure the 1st couple stitches on the row are very tight. I am wondering if I am pulling the yard to tight.

If anyone else has any suggestions about getting professional looking edges I would really appreciate it.

Girls rock!