Rosewood Pearl Knitting Needles

Has anyone tried these? What do you think of them? Do you recommend them? Thanks.

Which ones do you prefer…bamboo, plastic, metal, etc…

I have rosewood DPN’s I’ve use them once and I do like them. I got them for the purpose of socks but I’m too chicken to do the sock thing yet lol. Rosewood is a lot smoother then bamboo but they are really spendy

I got a pair of Rosewood DPN’s for Christmas and I can’t wait to use them… they seem so smooth. Normally, I use bamboo, so I’m anxious to see how the Rosewoods work. Friends of mine have used the Rosewoods and love them.

I got a pair Rosewood yesterday and used them once so far. I am VERY NEW to knitting and the only other needles I have used are bamboo. So far I like the rosewood. Yes…they are pricey. I have only knitted for a short time so im not sure which I like better yet bamboo and rosewood. They are both good.