Roosevelt cardigan



I’m new here!
I’ve been knitting for a long time, but have never worked a cardigan saddle shoulder.
I’ m knitting the Roosevelt cardigan by Amanda Scheuzger. I am confused about the directions for the decreasing for the saddle shoulder.
You decrease until you have 1, or 2 sts left for the front…if I do this, the pattern that runs up the front of the sweater shrinks to 1 stitch.
The picture of the completed sweater has the complete pattern running up the front of the sweater ALL the way to the shoulder.
What am I missing???
After getting this far, and almost finishing the swester, I am sorry to have to set it aside until I can figure this out. Help!!!
Thanks a lot.


Welcome to KH!

Yes, the finish on the fronts (and on the back) should be flat or almost flat. Can you quote just the directions for the shoulder shaping? Don’t post more than 2-3 rows of the pattern due to copyright.


Ok, if it’s okay, I could attach the pattern I purchased. Not sure if that’s okay to do.

My problem starts at directions for the right saddle shoulder. I am making size 38. I don’t know if just a line or two will help, but here goes.

There is a lot of decreasing and turning. The stitch numbers change and are noted for the fronts, sleeve and back as you decrease. You go from 133 total sts. (24 front, 61 for back, and 12 for each sleeve) to 98 sts total (you are only shaping the right saddle at this point) to 98 sts.(2 sts right front, 24 for left front ,48 sts for back, 12 sts… for each sleeve)

I’m going to attach the pattern. If that’s not ok, then don’t open it, just delete it.

Thanks for your help. I never saw a place where the pattern said to discontinue the cable pattern and just do the decreasing. Looking at the picture leads me to believe I’ve missed something BIG. I can’t believe I have made this whole sweater successfully UNTIL now!

Thanks again for ANY lught you can shed.

(Attachment Roosevelt_Cardigan.pdf is missing)


Don’t attach the pattern due to copyright. The sweater as I understand is knit from the bottom up to the underarms. Then you knit the fronts separately from the back. Is that right?
When you knit the front, decrease along the blue line indicated in the photo below. That way the cable pattern will be retained and won’t shrink.


Well, I see it’s not okay to attach the pattern.
If you can find the pattern, which I purchased on the internet, but is also in Fall 2014 Intetweave mag, evidently, it would help, cause the shaping for this part is involved. You might see something crucial I missed if you could see the pattern.

My problem starts with the saddle shoulder section

You are only working on the right side at this point .

Ex.Row 1. (Ws) sl 1 pwise wyf, sl m, work in patt to m, p3tog, turn-2 sts dec’d.

Row 2 and 4 (rs) sl 1 kwise wyb, sl m, work in patt to m, sl m, ssk, turn-1 sts dec’d.

The decreasing continues, and the stitches are noted as you dec.

You go from 133 total (23 rt. Front, 24 left front, 62 for back, and 12sts for each sleeve.)

To 99 total sts.(2 sts. R. Front, 21 sts. L front, 50 sts. For back, 12 for each sleeve.

If I keep decreasing, the cable pattern will become distorted, and come to a point. This would not look like the pucture at all.

I feel like I have misunderstood something crucial, but I don’t know what. I have done a lot of knitting over the past 25 yrs., some pretty complex patterns. I’ve never done a saddle shoulder, though. I’ve had no issues with the pattern until now.

Thanks for ANY help you can provide.


Sorry if this is a duplicate. I tried sending the pattern so you could read the pattern in full, but it was rejected. Didn’t know if you had received the rest of it, thus this email.


The decreases will shape the top of the front and also slope the saddle across the top of the shoulder. The line of sts across the top front are due to the decreases.