Rolled Hem on Vest

I’m trying to start the “Beautiful Vest” and I’m already confused by the instructions! Here are the directions and I attached a picture:

With Bison/dark brown and Oyster/beige (auxiliary) make invisible cast on edge of 388 sts, join and pm.

Knit 6 rounds (back hem).

Purl 1 round – will be used to fold the hem.

Knit 6 rounds (front hem).

Next round: fold and knit back and front bend together. At the same time, increase 40 sts evenly – 428 sts.

Next round, begin Pattern A (which uses both colors).

I’ve tried an invisible cast on before and found it difficult. Since I had previously tried it with lace weight yarn, I’m hoping it will be easier with this yarn, which is fingering weight. Any tips to keep everything even? And to keep my stitch count accurate considering that I’m dealing with / counting 300+ stitches?

Second, what do I do when I join it back up? I’m especially confused by the part where it calls to knit the back and front bend together. I’m not supposed to pick up the auxiliary color at all, am I? I assume I knit through both the loop on my needle and the corresponding loop on the auxiliary yarn at the same time, otherwise I would wind up with twice as many stitches.

What type of increase do you think would be best, since the pattern doesn’t specify – make one? or knit front and back? Or just knit the front and back loops separately instead of knitting them together? And how do I increase “evenly” when the number of stitches to add doesn’t divide evenly into the existing number of stitches? It looks like I’m going to have to figure out some way to space it out where sometimes I will increase on the tenth stitch and sometimes I will increase on the ninth stitch, is that right?

Thanks in advance!

I would put in markers every 10sts so the when you fold the hem at the purl row, you don’t miss a stitch and skew the hem. If you put the sts from the invisible cast on onto a third needle in groups of 10 or so sts, that should also help keep you on track.
Yes, you knit through the loop from the cast on with the loop from the last row knit. Sounds like both of these are in the brown color rather than the auxilliary color.
For the increases (and it seems particularly mischievious to make you do this at the same time as the hem) a make one may be easiest. Depending on the next directions, you might consider putting the increases on the next row. You don’t have to get the increases [I]precisely[/I] even, every 9 or 10 sts will work out. Again, using markers will help keep you on track with the increases as well. You might also try the M1 or the kfb on a small swatch and see which you think goeas best with the folded hem.
It’s a very good-looking pattern. We’d love to see the finished vest if you’d care to post a photo.

Some temporary cast ons are real tricky but the crocheted one is very easy and I use it all the time now. I think you take the auxiliary yarn out before you fold the hem up to knit them together. For an increase in this situation I often use a simple backward loop thrown over the right hand needle. Looks good to me.

For that crocheted temporary cast on you make a crochet chain and then pick up the back bump of the chain to form a stitch in. I just wanted to tell you what to look for, this is not a detailed explanation.

Your vest is beautiful. Good luck with it and have fun.

I usually use the crocheted invisible cast on too, but this onelooks like fun to try. Maybe next time.