Rolled Brim hat pattern

Evening all… started a rolled brim hat that is all St St…how long before the roll stops rolling… and in the end does it look neater that its rolling right now?

I want to add other colors to it and dont want it lost in the roll. Thanks ahead

If you knit the roll part with smaller needles it seems to stop about where you start with the larger needles. I think I used one size smaller, but I’m not home to check my pattern for a few days.

You can also do a few rows of ribbing above the roll and it’ll stop there. It makes a nice decorative look, too.

Ah… thanks Jan sounds like a good idea… I finally finished the hat before I got back for this answer and the roll was nice… for my first hat I think mine rolled for about 10 rows… or so… Not at home to count… but a nice smaller roll would be lovely.

Now if I did decide to do a rib after the roll… do I cast on with even or odds then? if I did a k2 p2 or k3 p3… I love the rib look… I just really lose count… but I will try till I get it… The one time I tried… well made my own patter… I ended up with all kinds of stitches… some Knit… the next purl… some ST st… it was a mess… made a sweet boarder… but wasnt what I wanted. Till I looked further and realized I needed to knit knits and purl purls… now that is a funny story… I thought that meant to knit what I JUST knitted… and not what the stitch was on the new side… shakes head… am learning
Sorry rambling away
thanks ahead

k1p1 -multiple of 2 (ie: 80, 82, 84…)

k2p2 -multiple of 4

k3p3 multiple of 6

k3p2 -multiple of 5

Add the two numbers together in the pattern to get the multiple. Odd or even depends on the ribbing.