Rogue Hoodie

Ok, I am going to start the Rogue hoodie as shown here:

but I thought I would give everyone the opportunity to join in and knit along with me if they wanted to. So, what do y’all say? Want to knit the infamous Rogue with me??


I’m most of the way done (one more sleeve to go), but I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

I’m waiting for funds to transfer into my paypal account so I can get the pattern! Whoo hoo, so I’m in with you, even if I do get a late start! :cheering:

Yahoo… I won’t start for another week or so. I am finishing up a hat and a pair of socks, so you still have some time :slight_smile:

I am so excited that I wont be doing it alone :slight_smile:


:frowning: :crying: … :crying: :frowning:
:frowning: :crying: I wanna join :crying: :frowning:

:crying: [color=indigo]ekgheiy checks her piggy bank relentlessly[/color] :crying:

::sniffle, sigh::

:crying: I’m with you ekgheiy…I wanna join too…The most I could do is a washcloth KAL!!! Ah someday… :pray:

ekgheiy cries on oshnpashn’s shoulder

I just finished knitting the pocket on the rogue. However, this is my second attempt at it. The first time I couldn’t maintain my guage, so I took it apart and bought new yarn. I am enjoying this project and look forward to others joining.

I bought my yarn yesterday, so when it arrives, I will be starting. I bought elann’s peruvian highland wool and it cost me anout 44.00 (Canadian) for 13 skiens. That was what I figured I would need. Just incase anyone was wondering.

I can’t wait to start!!!


I just got my yarn… and am off to the races. I will let you all know how I am making out with this hoodie as I go along :slight_smile:


I’ve had my yarn from KnitPicks for a while, but I had some other projects to finish before I could start on this. I’m gauging a swatch tonight to see which needles I need, but then it should be off to the races! Once I get started, I’ll be posting my progress on my blog.

I got a bunch of yarn from ripping out old sweaters. You can have it if you wanna. Just let me know, I’ll get my stuff together and take some pics of it.

One more sleeve to go!

Ekgheiy just KNOWS that Kiri will post some PEEKIES for our peeking pleasures!!! :study: :mrgreen:

If you insist…

Ooh, that is beautiful! sigh another pattern for my loooong list.

PEEKIES… :rofling:

:idea: I’ve an idea…ya’ll can start the washcloth, or properly speaking in the South…ya’ll can start a KAL for a lady’s hanky which is certainly needed bc of the :crying: bc of the inability to join this, particular KAL…BUT…your lady’s hanky KAL will ROCK or spread :sunny: or be lady-like…but…without a doubt…it will be [color=indigo][size=7]FUN [/size][/color]because ya’ll will make it so…

now, did that even come close to cheering ya up?!
lol…it was my intention…I do admit the lameness :roflhard: of it…but I did mean to cheer YOU up…my Granny used to say that a lady never left home without one…I’m not so sure that she meant one that was say…in bulky weight with cables…I think she meant dainty…but u could pull it off!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Kiri, it’s beautiful! What yarn did you use? I love it.

It’s Patons Canadiana, in “Silver Grey Mix”.

And best of all… machine washable and dryable.