Rogue Hooded Pullover

Hi everyone!
I’m about halfway done this pattern and I have a few questions…Is there anyone on here who has knit this before?


If you ask your questions maybe we can help. Don’t quote a large portion of the pattern due to designer copyright please. A few rows are usually enough.

If someone here has the pattern it would be great as I don’t want to post too much of the pattern in respect of her copywrite.
My question is: when do you knit or bind off the stitches held on the stitch holders from the front of each shoulder? Is it when you bind off the top of the shoulders? Or? I can’t seem to find these stitches mentioned anywhere else in the pattern after they are placed onto stitch holders.
I am at step 13 on page 7 of 19 in the pattern…

I actually just figured out the answer to my Ustinov after rereading the pattern for the umpteenth time…
I’m sure I will have more!

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Question not Ustinov…I hate autocorrect!

That’s the best solution. Sometimes it just takes that umpteenth read. I love it when the light bulb clicks on.

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