Rodarte style punk newb needs help


So I am dying to figure out how to tackle making a pair of these yarn tights that just graced the catwalk at a $850.00+ price tag ouch. They have a similar look to fishnets, but of course more inconsistent and chaotic looking.
So I am completely new to knitting :oops: Not for sure if this is the best project to start for a complete newb, but I would like to try to tackle it.
So is this comprised of a stockinette stitch with lots of controlled drop stitches and buttonholes…?
I made a guage swatch with sz17 needles and a fingering mohair yarn. The stitch pattern and holeyness looks about right :lol:

If anyone could give me some advice on how to tackle something like this.
Here’s a pattern, but I am not for sure if it would be appropriate for this project?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

oo thats a toughy if you havnt made socks before!

i think i would probably make them as toe up over-knee-socks or stockings.

The problem i can see is the difference in guage. For the toe, the heel and the cuff at the top, i would want a much smaller denser gauge for comfort, ease of turning and stability. However for the main leg i would want bigger needles to great the open net effct. a pattern with random dropped stitches and yarn overs could work, but i would be worried about it looking to regimented and not random enough, especially as there would have to be somthing aroundt he dropped stitches and YOs to keep it together which would still have to be worked in a loose gauge to give it the right effect.

Bearing that in mind i may start with a loosish stckinette over the toe on slightly smaller needles, then decrease a few stitches but go up a needle size or two to stop it getting to wide but to give a more open effect, i would then start using the same principles as the seatangles sweater from that uses random cables to gather and stretch the fabric in odd ways. as it is an open fabric, the effect is less cables and more pulls.
when i got to the heel i would divide the stitches as apropriate (and i have to say im not certain of toe up heel methods) and change to a smaller needle for working the heel section to fimr it up a little.

then when i got to the ankle and above i would start thinking about shaping. This could be wear you through in some ‘random’ YOs to creat holes and to shape for going over your calfs. When you get above the widest bit of your calf and have to decrease again, through in some ‘random’ decreases (the same number as YOs but maybe not in exactly the same places) Then it would be increasing over the knee and thigh again using some random YOs, but not going wild with them, just one or two every couple of rows to steadily shape over your thigh. Then at the top i would increase a few stitches on the last row change to smaller needles and work some neater ribbing for an inch or so to get a good firm top that will keep the socks up, or that garters could be attached to to hold them up.

actually, that sounds like a fun project … i want to have a go!!

Here’s what I would do-- keeping in mind that this is a bit challenging and not what anyone would normally recommend for a beginner, but hey, it’s also a great way to jump in and learn! I would find a pattern for stockings; the one you already have, or Modesitt’s Romantic Knits has one, or McGowan-Michaels’ Knitted Lingerie Style. Then taking that as a schematic, I would figure out how to convert what you’ve already swatched with the size 17s and mohair. If you’re brand new to knitting, you might have not yet encountered the holy grail called “gauge”. It’s incredibly important-- it’s how many sts per inch your getting. 1 stitch off, and the item can come out outrageously too big or too small. So if you’re getting 2 sts per inch, and the stocking pattern you use says to get 8 sts per inch, then from their numbers, figure out how many sts you need to cast on to get the same result.

Here is an easier way to start, though-- what if you just did them as leggings for a first project, without feet to worry about? And with a garter belt, as Tarrentella suggested? That would be a much easier project, to essentially just knit 2 tubes. The heel shaping is a whole other ball of wax, and why people don’t do socks until they’ve got a bit more experience behind them, and that way you could ignore that part. I do like the Sea Tangles suggestion, also-- that looks like what you’re going for.

Good luck with it!

yeah guage … i should have mentioned guage … i got al excited by the idea and forgot about actually making things fit!

The book Stitch and Bitch Nation has a lacy stocking pattern. Here’s a pic if you’re a member of Ralvery.

Interesting project. From the pictures you share it doesn’t look to me like there is any kind of foot shaping or stability in the foot. I wonder if you couldn’t just make something in the round, toe up or top down that is just a tube shape that tapers over the length and count on the fit coming from the stretch. I don’t think they worried about such things as comfort or any other practical concerns. :slight_smile:

Wow thanx so much for the detailed info :thumbsup:

Lots of stuff for me to learn I suppose.
I was thinking in regards to the foot shaping doing something really basic like what MerigoldinWA was suggesting.
I honestly do not mind having an open knit over my toe area. Most of my fishnet type stockings are already like that and would prefer that look with open toe heels anyways.
One of my concerns with this method would be the yarn pulling from the toe and ankle creating a gap where the stocking is not flush to the ankle.

I have another pattern that I might try modifying instead that is in the “Stitch and Bitch Nation”, book.
It’s the quick and dirty fishnet stockings, but it uses a windowpane type stitch…hmm
So I am a bit perplexed on how to modify it to use the base stockinette stitches instead.

In the punk knits book it explains a method for securing drop stitches with a m1 to keep it from unraveling completely.
I’ll probably give that method ago for the drop stitches.

BTW The gauge for my yarn and needle size is 2 stitches by 2.5 rows for 1 inch square with it unstretched.

Thanx everyone.
I figured out how to make these, and I didn’t even use a pattern :cheering: These turned out to be pretty easy to make

Do you have photos of them?!?!? I’d love to see the FO!

Yeah i would love to know how you made them and what they turned out like. well done :smiley:

Sorry for the delay in response. I had put the project on hold for a bit, but here’s how they turned out.

Those are fantastic! They look very much like the ones that were so expensive. You did a great job. I have been knitting forever, but still have no idea how you made all the stitches such different sizes. You must have some knitting talent. Thanks for the picture.