Ripping back too tight ribbing

I made a neckwarmer in a k2, P1 rib for my daughter’s friend. In spite of carefully measuring & feeling I had the size correct, when he tried it on he couldn’t pull the cast-on edge over his head. :wall: The rest of it fits perfect. Is there a way I can re-do the cast on edge to make it larger. Its only about 1-1.5 inches too small. Can it be frogged and reknit? I’m not the best knitter and if its too complicated I’ll just have to forget it.
Thanks for any tips anyone can give me.

Sure. It won’t be as easy as ripping back from the bind off edge, but you can pick it out. When you get it out try casting on with needles a couple sizes larger.

It’s hard to pick out a cast on that’s got ribbing, you may need to cut it off, then just bind off loosely rather than try to cast on again.