RIP my First FO

Well, last weekend my truck got broken into and iPod and Bose speaker docking unit was stolen:mad: BUT…the worst part was the speakers were in my very first knitted finished object (and my favorite), my striped knitting bag. Im so heart broken and distraught over them stealing my bag more then the stoooopid speakers and iPod. I could care less about those, I just want my bag back.

RIP baggy:pout:

what kind of person steals a hand made bag?!

cries for you its a horrible shame…

you should take some DPNs to em :smiley:

That sucks. :pout:

Sorry to hear about the loss of your cool bag.

That is the pits. I remember seeing pics of that bag not long ago wishing I could make something just like it. That really isn’t fair!

Riss…the bag offered a portable carry element and effectively hid the item. The person could have walked down the street with no-one knowing what they had taken.

WHAT a shame. Don’t worry, the bag will resist every effort of you. It will close it’s mouth now and refuse to carry their muck!

Now you have to set about a make a second life bag :slight_smile:

So sorry.

I know… it looked awesome. Seeing this bag was my inspiration for wanting to make a bag of my own for my next project…

So sorry to hear this. The bag was really nice.

Thanks guys:hug: Is it silly that Im mourning my bag?:??
It was just the best bag, purrrfect for everything, and I spent many, many long hours on it. Why couldnt they have just taken the speakers and left the poor, innocent bag:pout:

I don’t think it is silly at all. That bag represented your time and creativity. The other stuff were things that can be replaced. I would be bummed too, in fact I am for you. Had you made the pattern yourself? I can’t remember but it was a gorgeous bag that maybe you will want to retry.

Riss… I agree…the colours were awesome.

But awesome bag mach2 will be even better!

I mourn things like that too… :heart:

I think it’s fair to say that a little piece of us goes into each item we make so when something is stolen or lost it can be very very upsetting. It’s not like a commercial product you can go and replace. However, I think you can defeat these rotters by making another one and toasting it with the spirit of the first!

I felt similarly when my car was broken into at school and they stole my CD player. I didn’t care so much about the CD player, but my favorite CD was in it. It was a mix my friend made me the week I left for college and I listened to it all the time. She drew a little picture on the top and everything. :pout:

Oh no! That was such a cool bag! :pout:

That[U] was[/U] a cool bag! Maybe it was the object of the theft and not the i-pod and speakers; they just happened to be in your one of a kind bag.

I totally understand your feelings. Something that we put so much into is hard to part with that way.

Folks are encouraging you to make another. I agree. This time lock it up! Uh-oh, I forgot about thieves breaking into things even if locked. :sad: Why can’t everyone just be nice. :shrug:

Well at least if you see someone walking down the street with YOUR bag you will know where the rest of the stuff is.
No one else will have that bag but the people who broke in your car.Poke them with a needle and take your bag back:teehee:

I’m with Julie.

Your bag is bound to be used. A bag like that won’t rest in peace in someone’s closet. Nope it will be used.

So stick a spare set of knitting needles in your back pocket and be on the look out!

Only be careful how you go about getting the bag back, you don’t want your viglante justice finding you in jail for a “mugging at needle point” charge!

I am so sorry and I would be devestated too!

Aaaawwww that’s so sad. I feel your pain :hug:

that’s so horrible!!!

I’m mad and it wasn’t even my bag, I loved that bag!! :-x


I would take those pictures, and plaster them EVERYWHERE. Take an ad out in the paper.

That bag is way cool. Im sorry some jerkwad stole it. :hug: