Right Twist?

These are the instructions I have for how to do a “Right Twist”

RT (Right Twist) = Skip the first stitch, knit into 2nd stitch, then knit skipped stitch. Slip both stitches from needle together [B]OR[/B] K2tog leaving stitches on LH needle, then K first stitch again, slip both stitches off needle.

Could someone help me? I’m guessing that I don’t slip the first stitch, just go past it and knit into the 2nd stitch, but…then what? Now you have a new stitch on the right needle (connected to the stitch you knit off of) and…you keep it there and knit into the first stitch to have 2 stitches on the right needle that are connected to the stitches on the left? Do you just slide them off? Is the second half of the description telling you how to slide them off? And with the “OR” in there…

My brain hurts. Please help me.:??

Is this in a pattern? Or just instructions for a stitch?

I’d say, yes, you don’t slip the first stitch, leave it on the left needle, knit the 2nd stitch, then go back to the first stitch without slipping the 2nd stitch off the left needle, knit the first stitch.

THEN it sounds like you have a choice – but why you have a choice is beyond me, as the result of the second choice sounds like it would look significantly lumpier than the first. Either way, though, you still end up with two stitches to slip off the needle.

Well I do it the second way. I find that easier.
Just k2tog, but don’t slip off, then knit the first stich again and slip off both. Since it’s just a 2 stitch cable, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference, and besides, it really looks like the real deal.

The other way is: knit the second stitch, don’t slide off, knit first stitch, slide both stitches off the needle.

(LT was something even worse. With knit 2nd tbl, then first, or something like that)

Aha, it IS part of a stitch pattern then! I’d say the second way too, then, because you want as much definition as possible, but of course swatching is the best way to figure out which way you like better. :slight_smile:

Thanks to both of you. Yes, it’s a pattern stitch that I got with a new Knit Picks sock yarn sampler. All of the patterns were shown in chart form only and I have never knit from charts so I was writing out the instructions and that “Right Twist” stumped me. It appeared to have more instructions that necessary.

So, I can either 1) K2tog - don’t slide off - then knit into the first stitch of the K2tog - then slide the whole thing off or 2) Knit the second stitch - don’t slide off - Knit the first stitch - then slide both off? Or do I have to then K2tog?

I apologize for my denseness, but I’m very close to understanding you.

Thanks again for your help.

There is a great video on You Tube that can teach you the right twist. Just type in knit right twist. Once you try it…it is so easy. Good luck!


  1. K2tog - don’t slide off - then knit into the first stitch of the K2tog - then slide the whole thing off

  2. Knit the second stitch - don’t slide off - Knit the first stitch - then slide both off

These are two methods of doing the “same” stitch - they are not identical, some people prefer one over the other…

It is a two stitch cable - and a third way of making it could ber:

  1. slip 1 stitch to cable needle and hold to back of work. Knit 1, knit the stitch from the cable needle.

The third way is probably the most obvious one for anyone who knows cables, but I think it really is a little too much work for this stitch, since there are easier ways :smiley:

That’s true, but it breaks it down so a knitter new to this type of stitch can follow it. After doing it that way a few times, you see how it’s supposed to look, and can then use method 2 without taking a stitch off the needle.