Right size for sweater to fit

I’m getting ready to knit an easy sweater for my hubby. How do i know what size to knit for him?

Measure a sweater that fits him well and go by those measurements. You want the chest, just under the underams, length of sleeve from underarms to wrist, length of body from underarm to hem, and from shoulder to hem. Might also want shoulder to shoulder. Most patterns give these measurements, you’d want to go by the chest size mainly, the lengths can be adjusted as you knit.

Thank you Suzeeq for your comeback…The pattern I have just goes by the chest size. Like 38, 42, 48 and so on. So would I measure his chest and go by what his chest measures, or would I go up a size? Like if his chest measured 42 would I be better off knitting a 44?

Don’t measure his chest, measure a sweater. And are the sizes `to fit 38,42,46’ or are those the finished sizes? Men generally prefer a looser sweater, maybe with 4" of ease.