Right Side vs. Wrong Side

[color=darkblue][/color] :oops: OK, you can tell I am a newbie. When it says to knit RS or knit WS does that mean the fornt of the garment? And if so, I am still stumped! How do I knit on the RS if I am on the WS or Backside?

BTW, I have started taking knitting classes and I have been to 3 already. However, if not for this site I would not have totally understood everything that was being taught. This site makes everything so clear!!

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:slight_smile: Thanks, Ali

The right side of the work refers to the side that viewers are meant to see. The wrong side is the side that should be “hidden” from viewers. Patterns will specify whether the even numbered rows or odd numbered rows are the right or wrong side. For example, on the baby blanket that I’m making now, all ODD numbered rows are the RS. So if I’m working row 7, I know that the right side of the blanket should be facing me.

Hope that helps…

BTW - What pattern are you talking about?


Thanks for your reply. Yes, that does make sense to me. I am not working on any particular pattern per se. I am only making swatches in order to practice different stitch sequences that I find in various knitting books. I am trying to get the feel of knitting and reading patterns before an actual project. However, I have knitted one scarf through a kit I bought. It was real nubby material so therefor one can not readily see my mistakes. The scarf did impress my Mother and Sisters, of course they are not knitters or crafty for that matter, so I was able to easily impress them with my new skills! :lol:


Don’t be embarrassed, cause every single time it says RS or WS I have to evaluate and re-evaluate. :lol:

Congrats on your new skills. :slight_smile: