Right side vs wrong side

I am working on three sweaters, one for each of my sons. Two are really challenging and the third is a kimono using a double moss stitch for the edge and ss for the body. The problem is row 17. I started with the front and did double moss for 16 rows. I should says I used a longtail cast on. When I ready to do row 17 my tail is on the right near my right hand. Now the problem: “On the next row(right side), place a marker after the first 12 sts. The 12 center front stitches are worked in double moss st on each row. Beginning with a knit row, work body stitches in stockinet st.” According to my looking at my work I am looking at the wrong side as the tail is near my right hand. The row I would be knitting , which is row 17, is the wrong side of the work. Am I right or wrong? I have frogged this three times as I kept getting interrupted and lost my row count. What am I knitting? A purl row with double moss on 12 stitches or what? Or am I still doing a double moss row?
By the way I am working on a hoodie pattern by Mari for my other two sons with cables and all kinds of changes and you know it is so easy for me as I really love a challenge and they are moving right along. But the kimono pattern is driving me crazy!!!:woohoo:Please help so I can get moving along with this easy pattern.

While technically incorrect, I suppose, I don’t count the extra row created by longtail cast on unless it’s part of the pattern to knit that row. I just cast on and then start counting the rows with first row worked according to the pattern. So far, I haven’t encountered any huge problems with things not lining up by doing this.

By using that method, you should be starting row 16 on the WS and when you get to row 17 you will be looking at the RS of the work, and you can continue with the instructions.

Does that make sense?

remember that the cast on row is usually not counted as a row in patterns.

If ou have done an even number of rows then you should end up with on the right side with the working yarn at one end and the tail yarn at the other. then the next row would be an odd row and would be the ‘right side’. It can be arbitrary though, if you want it to be another side then it can be the other side.

when you do a Long Tail cast on, you cast on, and “knit” a row.

but for all practical purposes, this row is ROW 0 (zero)
you don’t count it!

(there are other cast ons, like tubular ones, that have 2 or 4 rows of simple double knitting before settling into 1 X 1 (or more rarely, 2 X 2 ribbing)

the simple double knitting rows of the cast on (they make the tube!) are not counted either… the first row of knitting is the first row of 1 X 1 ribbing–which is sometimes row 5(in actually count!)

Row 1 isn’t always the first row of knitting, its the first row of the pattern!

When you do a pattern that’s basically reversible, like garter, dbl moss, seed, ribbing, you can decide which is the RS. Technically, the first row you knit after the CO is the RS, but if you like the look of the other side better, that’s okay too; 1 row off doesn’t make much difference. Just do the 16 rows then consider the next row the RS.

This may set off WW3, but this is the answer to the question:
When you do a long-tail cast on, you are in fact, knitting the first row. In traditional patterns (I know I’m one of the older people on this site), that was always understood to be the case. If you do a long-tail cast on, on one side, you will get a nice, smooth overlapping set of stitches, and that is the RIGHT or PUBLIC side. On the other side, THE FIRST SIDE YOU ACTUALLY WORK ON, you will see purl “bumps”, and that is the WRONG or PRIVATE side. Now, that’s not to say you can do whatever you’d like. But you are supposed to count your cast on (with this method, not with others) as your first knit row.

I disagree, but we’ll drop it there…

I have always done a long tale cast on and never had a problem except with this pattern. I don’t usually count the cast on row as my first row. The tail and the working yarn are on the same side when you finish the cast on. With my hoodie pattern I follow the pattern and the first row in pattern was the ws. This pattern the first row done was the moss stitch and then all went down hill. After posting the question, I knit another row of moss and then began the ss and knit another 3" of the pattern and it looks great. Thanks for all the help!!!:woohoo::cheering::muah: