Right side or wrong side?

[size=6][color=violet]I’ve only just started to knit and on a few patterns it says ‘right side’ or ‘wrong side’ and I’ve steared clear because I haven’t a clue what it means. Anybody help me? :teehee: [/color][/size]

Hi! This is my first post and I noticed that no one has replied to this yet so I decided to deflower myself!

The right side just means the side that will be showing when you’re finished. For example, the outside of a sweater, or the outside of a hat. This matters for things where one side (the right side) will have a certain pattern and the wrong side (or inside) will look differently (maybe ugly, or have yarn woven in, etc). For this reason most scarves, for example, don’t have right or wrong sides (because you’re bound to see them from both sides), but some do.

It’s just a way of keeping track of what you’re doing - knitting back and forth will mean you’re knitting right side, then wrong side, then right again. When you’re knitting the right side, that means the right side is facing you. If you’re knitting stockinette, that will be the side with the pretty little Vs.

Hope this helps!

with some stitches, its hard to tell wrong side from right (i prefer Outer/visible side, and inner (to the body side) since right is also use for right and left side of knitting (edges)

2 quick tips.

1 --look at the tail (from the cast on) at the beginning of a row, the tail will either be below stitch 1 or stitch X (last)
this is useful for all patterns.
If you still have trouble reading your stitches, you can remember, “tail is purl” --when working in stocking knit.
for garter (knit every row) tail ON Right (under stitch 1) is right side.
or you can create your own little nmumonic to remember!

2–if the tail is short or far away and hard to visualize, take a small safetypin and some yarn (contrasting) or some ribbon, and pin the ribbon on the right side.

remember too, knitting stitches are defined by HOW THEY LOOK, not how they are worked. you can purl every row and get garter (identical in every respect to garter the is created by KNITTING every stitch.

and K1 P1 can be ribbing (worked flat on even # of stitches)
or it can be Seed stitch, (worked flat on Un-even # of stitches.)

K1, S1 can be Heel stitch, or Linen stitch, or simple double knitting–(depending on what you do with the yarn as you slip the stitch!)

so it is important some times to be very aware of what is the right side!

The tail being on the right or left depends on the cast on you use. It’s different for long tail vs any of the single cast ons.