Right side or wrong side?

[color=violet]I’ve only just started to knit and on a few patterns it says ‘right side’ or ‘wrong side’ and I’ve steared clear because I haven’t a clue what it means. Anybody help me? :teehee: [color=violet][/color][/color][size=7][/size]

Generally the pattern will specify which is which, as in: Row 1 (RS), or it may say Row 2 (RS). The right side is to be worn facing out, so in stockinette stitch, the knit rows are the RS. In garter stitch it may not matter; you choose which is the right side if there is any shaping to be done for armholes or the neck. If you have a specific pattern, take a close look at it and see if it says which is RS and which is WS.


In that vein…

When a pattern says end on WS, does that mean that the WRONG SIDE will be on the left needle for the next row or does it mean that the WRONG SIDE is the last row completed (so the RIGHT SIDE would be facing you on the left needle when starting the next row)?

Aaack, right needle, left needle, too confusing for me because the needles change when you change hands. If the pattern says `end on WS row’ you’ve just finished working it.


Gotcha :thumbsup:

obviously a case of me OVERTHINKING!!!

someone please answer this = if it says knit right side how do i turn it over??? I have the wrong side showing and need to knit the right side!!!

You work to the end of the WS row then turn it and begin the RS row.


ETA: Oh. You mean when it says start with the RS row? The pattern should tell you which are the RS rows so you just begin knitting them on the next row according to the instructions.