Right side facing - what does it mean

Seems like everytime I get to the next step in this pattern I have a question…so here goes again.

pattern says:

with US 3 needles, right side facing, k up 25 sts.

I have the front and back of the sweater done and have joined the neck and shoulder seams (this is a sweater for a stuffed bear). Picking up the above stitches (which of course I have never done before) is to create the sleeves. Sleeves are done in stockinette stitch.

It should probably be intuitive, but what do they mean by right side facing? I Do know which side of the sweater is the right side. Do I open up the sweater flat and hold it with the right side toward me so the side seam is up? But I vaguely recall that “right sides facing” in sewing means putting the right sides together so the wrong side faces you (but that memory comes from decades ago and may be wrong!

Thanks again for everyone’s help with this bear project…I am hoping to have it done for Valentines Day…just a few days away!! Yikes!

The right side should be facing you, not another side.


ETA: You’re correct that in sewing, right sides face together for seaming, but that isn’t the same thing you’re doing here.

[color=indigo]Substitute the word “public” for right. You want the side that the public will see when the garment is warn, not the side that will be snuggled up next to your body. In this case the word “right” is paired up with “wrong” not “left”. :doh: We have soooo many words in knitting that mean a multiple of things…it gets very confusing! :teehee: [/color]