Right hand and Left hand glove

:knitting: Hello everyone, I desperately need help knitting the right glove for a set I am doing. The left glove came out great, but when I try to reverse the directions to make the right glove I keep coming out with another left glove. The pattern is called Broad Street Mittens. I found this pattern on Knitty.com I think the problem is in the thumb gusset increase. Can anyone please help me? Thanks a whole bunch!

When you do a left glove, the thumb gusset is on the left side, and started after you knit the palm.

For a right glove, you work across the back of the hand and then start the thumb gusset so it will be on the right edge.

Thanks so much Ingrid for responding. I thought I tried that but please bear with me here are the left glove directions that I am supposed to reverse: Left Hand- note the first two needles work the palm side, the last two are the back of the hand. Thumb Gusset Increase: knit to the second to last stitch on the second needle. Purl second to last stitch. Do a twisted make-one, knit it, then knit to end of row. Knit next row. Repeat these two rows until 12 stitches have been added.
So how would I go about reversing these directions to make a right hand glove? I have already tried making the first two needles be the back of the hand. Any detailed help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch

I think it could be as simple as working across needles 1, 2, and 3, and then working to the second-to-last stitch of needle 4 and doing your gussets there.

I think you’re right. Thanks again!

I haven’t started my right-hand glove yet, but for exact symmetry I am thinking I’ll keep the gusset increases on the palm side because of the purl stitches.

So, I’m thinking I would start right away on the first needle – knit the first stitch, then make one, then purl one, then knit the rest of the round. Knit one round even, then on the first needle knit two, make one, purl one, knit around…

Ingrid, please let me know if this would not work correctly. It seems like it defeats the purpose of the purl stitch, which on the left glove conveniently indicates when to make one (?), but also results in a vertical line that I think would be noticably absent on the right glove if I did it on needle 4 instead of needle 1. ?

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I believe you’re right. The thumbs I’ve made have been the same at both edges, but if the purl is a design feature and the other increases are on the palm side with the left glove, then they should be in the same place on the right glove.