Right brain/left brain

Read the instructions very carefully. Apparently I didn’t on the first go round. :roflhard:



I got 75% but I must say that I play that on Nintendo DS Brain Game so I think that may have helped!

Woo hoo, I got 100% :slight_smile:

100%! We did an activity about this in science last year. :wink:

DUH!!! I had a totally shameful performance…TWICE! Then I managed to get 75%… how bad is that? LOL! Thanks for the laughter, laughing at oneself is good, huh? Mary

100%. Heh.

100%, but I’ve always been a bit strange…


I started with 88%, then tried for 100% and progressively got worse! THEN I got 100%…after a few times…


100% - But I did try it four times!

The key is to NOT read the word. Just look at the last letter or something and distract yourself from taking in the word.


I started with 88%, then tried again and got 100%. Kelly is exactly right. Reading the word is what messes you up. You have to just look at it and not read it!

Fun :slight_smile:

I so did not get this the first time I tried. I got a 0 . Second time I got an 88. Finally on my third try I got a 100!

I got 100% two times in a row, but I did a science fair project in third grade on this comparing preformance of boys versus girls on reading the word and the color.

So true! I got 100% too.

Haha, I didn’t understand the first time and I got 0. Then I read the instructions again and I got 100%, so I’m not a complete moron.