Right and wrong side of scarf?

I want to make a 6 foot long cashmere scarf. I would like to use a simple border stitch so the scarf will not curl along the edges and a simple body stitch. I’m concerned that this will lead to a wright and wrong side. Any suggestions before I invest $$$$ in cashmere yarn.

what kind of pattern are you planning on using for the rest of the scarf?

you could do one that doesn’t have a right side and a wrong side, a reversible stitch pattern. Here’s a site with some:

Or you could do one that looks good on both sides

Thank you for the helpful suggestions. As a result of MAmaDawn’s reply I followed the link then further started searching reversable stitches.
To answer brendajos: I don’t have a clue.
I like the way a knit stitch looks and wanted to see if I could make the scarf look like a straight knit stitch on both sides. If I knit on both sides I get a garter stitch (I think that’s what it’s called) and I dont like that look.
I’m open for the border. I keep searching and testing. I found www.woolworks.org but no pictures of patterns.

Here are some good ideas from Esther Bozak. They don’t have border stitches, though- they don’t need them, but I suppose you could add one if you really wanted…

I think that the best way to get it to look like knit stitches on both sides is to do a K1, P1 rib in an even number of stitches. This will make a tight rib and there is no WS/RS.

I’ve made several scarves like this because i don’t like garter stitch either.