Rick rack purse with Kool aid dyed yarn

Well, I have an apron that I got from my SILs and was inspired by the color combination. I bought the yarn from Knitpicks.com: orderd dark brown but also ordered some natural yarn to dye with two different shades of blue Kool aid. I decided to make the handles longer to put over my shoulder and the bag is 10-11" tall instead of 5-7".

Here is the yarn drying

The yarn all rolled up

Here is finished purse with a matching cell phone holder (I made up the pattern but it didn’t felt as well) You can’t see the different shades of blue on the photo but in person, it looks marbled

The inside of the purse

Very cute! Kinda reminds me of 1950s retro style!

That is beautiful. :yay:
The more Rick rack purses that I see the more that i want to knit it. :teehee:

That is really nice. Beautiful lining.

Some day I will have to explore Kool-aid dye!

Oh, that is cute!! And, I love the lining too!

:yay: I love them!!! I love, love the colorway!!! Nice dye job :cheering:

That is so cute! Love the little cell phone purse that goes with it!

WOW! :notworthy:

:heart: the colors!! What a fabulous set! Beautiful work!! The lining is perfect! :cheering:

great job! It looks real nice. Did you use a pattern for the bag. I was just wondering how you attatched the handles. And, did you use a sewing machine to sew the lining to the bag? It looks like it turned out very well.

Thanks gals! I am pleased with it.

The pattern for the purse is at knitpicks.com (rick rack purse), but I just made up the cell phone holder as I went along. The handles are knitting on as I cords (the pattern explains it for you). As far as the lining, someone on here (I forget at the moment) posted directions for me because I really liked her lining. You use a sewing maching to make the lining, but then you hand stitch it in–it is really easy.


Beautiful! Great dye job too! Those colours go well together :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

That is tooo cool !!! :heart: Love the colors and the lining !!! Awsome job !!! :thumbsup:

I :heart: brown and blue together! Great job!

Awesome job! I agree with the others the dark brown and tourquise are a nice contrast.
Very Good Job! :cheering:

Wow. Dying, knitting, felting and sewing – very impressive! :notworthy: