Rice Stitch Increases

I am making a cable knit sweater. On the sleeves it has rice stitch on the seam side. I have to increase at each end of the right side row and am not sure how to do that in pattern. Can you please help me to do this nicely. Thank you so much Kathy Clark :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!
One thing that you can do is make the increases on the knit row and then, on the next row, incorporate those sts into the pattern.
It’s also possible to work the increases as purl sts on the next row, do the pattern as set by the previous rows and then on the following row knit across and then incorporate the new sts into the pattern on the next row.
The increases may fall into a seam or next to a seam. As long as you’re consistent, it’ll work out well.

thank you so much salmonmac, that is most helpful