I’m half way through my baby shawl and I say to myself “I’d better get to buying that ribbon thats needed, I’ll get pink and blue, just in case”

So I toddle off to the pattern, it tells me to get 4metres of 1cm wide ribbon.

Next, I start a-googlin’, I search for Ribbon, ribbon shop, ribbon 1cm wide, ribbon store… and many more.

I find thousands of resources for buying ribbon but not one that has a 1cm wide pink or blue that is washable (not hand died).

Is there a ribbon shortage? Something to do with the weather?

Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Have you tried here?

But I don’t know if it will be worth it with the shipping costs since you only need a little.

I think the problem is with the 1 cm. Would a 1/4 inch work?

I would also try a fabric shop.

Yeah that is REALLY narrow ribbon! I don’t know how big your eyelets or whatever are but it seems like that would be incredibly tiny to work with.

i :heart: this ribbon shop: The Ribbon Jar

the best part is you can buy by the yard. and if she’s low on something you need, she can get it in a hurry (at least, in my experience).

Actually, it’s not all that narrow. 1cm is 3/8 inches. So, you might have better luck searching for 3/8 inch ribbon.

And I don’t know what type of ribbon you want (satin, grosgrain, etc.) but I found this place that has 3/8" grosgrain ribbon by the yard and they ship internationally. :shrug:

It is really narrow when you are ridiculous like me and want all ribbons to be no less than 4 inches wide! :whistle: :teehee:

(okay that’s a bit of hyperbole but I do love me some wide ribbon…lol)

I would just go to JoAnns and search their ribbon racks. Michaels sells some ribbon by the yard, too.

I’m in the UK, we don’t have Michaels or Joannes :pout:

There is nowhere within a short drive that I can find to get anything other than bridal ribbon.

I like some of those links though. I think I’ll for the 3/8". I’ll probably get a few different ribbons for a few future projects to make the postal costs more worth while too.

thanks for all the help!

:cheering: :hug: :hug:

Do you have a John Lewis near you? If you get really stuck I can go and look in a shop here in Windsor for you (Daniels), I’ve bought ribbon from them before and they would probably have blue & pink. Let me know and I will go tomorrow lunchtime. :thumbsup:

[color=red]WOW! [/color] This really is the nicest forum I’ve ever had the privilige of being a part of. :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

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