Ribbon yarn - am I missing something?

I’m knitting a tank top with ribbon yarn and I don’t really like the look. I’m not sure I’ll buy ribbon yarn again. Elann seem to have a LOT of ribbon yarn, though… Do people generally like it? Am I missing something fundamental here? Maybe it will look better once my project is finished? :??

I feel sort of the same as you do about ribbon yarn. I don’t really like the look of the FO. Same thing with ladder yarn - although I did knit a shawl with some ladder yarn (got it for $1/skein) and it turned out beautifully. Maybe it’s just the patterns that I haven’t liked with ribbon yarn. :??

I made a tank top out of ribbon and I really liked it. However, I’m making another one with a different brand of ribbon and I’m not as enamored. I think the way the ribbon drapes is important. My first tank the ribbon was stored in hanks and so it kept its width. The FO drapes really well and is very flattering. The second tank’s yarn is stored in these wierd balls and the ribbon is all wrinkled. I actually feel like taking it all off the ball and ironing it. So I think some of it depends on the ribbon.

I bought some (Capri byTahki Yarns) because I was curious about it, and to be honest I really liked the color(like old, faded fatques). I thought it would knit up into a nice summer weight shawl. Then I started a swatch, and my reaction to it in one word, yuck! Since it’s 100% cotton, and I only paid $2.50 a ball I’m going to use it to make dishcloths, and pot holders. I’m not going to let it go to waste, that’s for sure. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy anymore ribbon yarn, I think I’d have to see it already knitted up first before I’d buy any in the future.

I love the look of crocheted ribbon yarn (there’s a truly awesome pattern for a vintage- styled dress out there, somewhere), but knitted… it has to be the right thing. Not everything looks great made with ribbon.

I have been wondering about that stuff myself. I found this adorable pattern for a tank top that my 12 yr old really wants me to make her. But it calls for that ribbon stuff. I am a little apprehensive about using it. :thinking:

I’m also not sure about Ribbon yarn. It does look nice and all but I dunno… not sure about it. Its a bit like the sari silk - looks gorgeous but I can’t see it being anything than a heavy itchy type thing =P