Ribbing vs Stockinette bottom of sweater

I am knitting this sweater for the 2nd time. https://www.yarnspirations.com/red-heart-northern-lights-easy-fair-isle-pullover/RHK0129-014700M.html. The first time, I did the regular K1, P1 ribbing for the bottom. This time, I decided to try the Optional option of stockinette stitch instead. This is what is shown in the picture and it does show the stockinette stitch curling just a bit, which is expected and which I actually like. I was just wondering if anyone here has done this sweater or any other with stockinette stitch around the bottom, and if you felt it curled TOO much. Thanks, Debbie

Edited to add, wondering if when I sew the front and the back together, this will serve to subdue the curl a bit.

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I have not done a stockinette bottom, but if you like the look, try it!

I would recommend that you make it easy to open the seam at the bottom in case you later want to make a ribbing. It is possible to rip from the bottom too, so it is easy to change it to a ribbed bottom if you later regret the stockinette.

Thank you Engblom, great suggestions.

Stockinette at the bottom of a sweater blocks fairly well, especially with wool. It curls, but gravity is working for you too. I’ve also seen patterns that use a row of reverse stockinette or a row of k1p1 to stop the stockinette roll. I’m not sure how well this works but it might be worth a try, at least on a swatch.
Lovely sweater!

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Just finished a sweater with all openings stockinette :slight_smile: I did notice when sewing up the sleeves that where the seam hits the end the curl is much less noticeable but still there. The body was done in the round and was a much neater curl. This particular project was done with needles two sizes up so it would be extra drapey and the curl was much more relaxed, waves curling under as they approach the beach relaxed. Other sweaters that I have done much tighter have always been very spring-tight in their rolls.
If if if you don’t like how it curls unevenly I have seen a few blog posts lately where they force it to stay even by tacking the end up to the sweater at the point where the curl touches. Looks kind of like I-cord finishing though, haven’t felt the urge to try that one yet.
I hope this works out for you!