I’ve been *trying" to practice the k2 p2 ribbing for a few days now. The first day I wasn’t doing it right, but now…I am positive I am doing it right. Have watched the video soooooooo many times. But, it just looks like crap…LOL! It doesn’t look like pictures I’ve seen, and the swatch in the video. Is it just that I need to practice it more? Could my tension with the knit and purl stitches be completely off from one another? It is stretchy though, so thats a good thing right?

I just want to make sure there aren’t any secrets I should know about doing ribbing…lol. I’m using size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn if that helps out at all. Thanks for any tips :smiley:

It could just be that your tension is off, since we usually tend to purl at a different tension than we knit. If you are sure you are making the knit and purls correctly (reegardless of tension), you aren’ t dropping any stitches, and you are remembering to move the yarn back and forth, then it is probablly just a matter of practice.

Thanks, I guess I’m gonna need to practice this one alot…LOL.

I decided to take a couple pics of it anyhow.

One more thing, (again…probably just has to do with practice) …sometimes I end up with little loopy, wavy things at the bottom where I started (the cast on row). One side of my cast on stays looking nice, but the other I usually get these wavy things. Any ideas on how to improve that? Or is that a normal thing? LOL

Thanks a bunch!

hmmmmmmmmmm… your swatch looks like all purls to me. You should see 2 vertical colums of “Vs” (the knits) and 2 vertical comums of “Bumps” (the purls). The purl bumps should lookike they are being pushed back, and the Vs should look like thay are coming forward. There is a good visual at this website: http://www.iwu.edu/~sander/GW100/NewKnitStitches/Ribbing.html

Unfortunatly, I don’t know what you are doing wrong! We need a real expert! Sorry I couldn’t help more effectivly :?

LOL, Thanks for the link.

I am determined to get this. Looks like I will be doing more computer-side knitting tonight watching Amy’s video!

Thanks Hildegard_von_Knitten, by the way, LOVE the name!

Thanks (=

I don’t have any answers for you, but I’m somewhat new to knitting, and my ribbing looks exactly like that too! I wonder what is causing it? Maybe it is just practice–I was hoping there would be some super-easy solution though. I’m going to try it again tonight and see how it looks.

omg, that’s really wierd! What the hell are we doing wrong? LOL !!!

I’ve even been going through the k2 p2 in my sleep!!!

I haven’t picked it up again yet. Don’t know if I will tonight, since now I’m drinking!!!

I hope we get this figured out Mer! Good luck :smiley:

why this struck me as hilarious, I don’t know. :lol: Maybe you need to go to your LYS and show the people there what you’re doing; I think if I could see it I could help (HELLOOOOOO EXPERTS WHERE ARE YOUUU!)

Hm… it looks like a variation on seed stitch, which also uses alternating k and p stitches. I would do some checks to make sure you are setting up/alternating in the pattern you are trying to achieve.

First of all, you should be casting on a multiple of 4 stitches. So, two ribs k, two ribs pearl would be 8 stitches (you can use any number of stitches, but the pattern won’t work out neatly or you may have to start every other row pearling2 then knitting2 to keep the pattern). Then, always check to see if the row below is done was knit, or pearled… always knit the knit stitches (that look like Vs) and always knit the pearl stitches (that are pebbly).

So, cast on eight stitches, then k2p2 across. When you turn the work, you should have two k stiches beginning on the row below. k2p2 across. Turn. k2p2 across. Hopefully you should be seeing ridges instead of alternating bumps.

What it looks like you’re doing is working on a multiple of stitches not based on 4. So, if you had 6 stitches co, then k2p2 across, you will k2, p2, k2. From the back, this will look like p2, k2, p2. So when you turn the work, if you start k2, p2, k2, what you will be doing is knitting the pearls and pearling the knits (if that makes any sense). What this will do is give you a variation the seed or moss stitch, which has you knitting pearl stitches and pearling knit stiches.

Let me know if this helped!


When you switch to the purl part of the ribbing, are you bringing the yarn to the front? I’m not an expert either, but I’ve seen this problem come up a few times with purling around here before. Wish I could help more.

Yeah, listen to Yellowness! You’ve created a beautiful seed stitch, instead of ribbing. It’s just a matter of when you do your knits and purls.


Thanks guys! When I tried again last night, it worked. I could have sworn that I was casting on in multiples of 4, but maybe not. Jivewhistle, I hope that solves your problem too! :smiley:


I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! For some reason, when I started with the ribbing, I thought…as long as I cast on an even number, it will be right…LOL!!! And then it didn’t even occur to me after all the trouble I was having!

Thanks everyone for the help, you guys are the best :smiley:

I’m just glad you figured it out! Happy ribbing :slight_smile:

Oh Yay! Happy knitting to you both. :slight_smile: (now come and do my 3 inches of ribbing over again :lol: )

As I was reading through this, I was REALLY beginning to wonder what you did wrong, Jive! LOL

Well it sure looks purty even though it isnt exactly what you wanted!!!

Sure does!

Thanks! I’m starting to like it now too :smiley: