Ribbing Scarf

I’m going to make a scarf using ribbing stitch. I want to know what kind of cast on to use. I prefer long tail cast on, but will it change the pattern because the first row would be just knit stitch? Also, how many stitches wide should a scarf be? I made one with 35 stitches but it seemed a little wide. I was using Lion Brand Lion Suede yarn. Size 9 needles.

I’m guessing it depends on the yarn and the needle size how many stitches you’d cast on. 35 does seem like a lot for a bulky yarn. I have a pattern for a ribbed scarf that I’ll be doing soon that casts on 35 but it uses worsted weight yarn and size US6 needles so I’m thinking that would be just about right. I’ll try different cast on methods until I find what I like but truth be told, I’m partial to the crochet cast on. I just like the edge it makes. I don’t know if it will work well with the ribbing pattern but we’ll see. If it doesn’t, I’ll try the long tail cast on next.

I would go ahead and use the long tail cast on if you want to. I’ve made a few ribbed scarves and that’s the one I always used. It works fine for me. :thumbsup:

I agree that 35 stitches is probably too many for a bulky yarn, even for a ribbing scarf that will pull in. However, you could cast on and knit for a few inches and see if you like the width. If not, then you can frog and adjust your width. That’s what I usually end up doing when I’m not working from a pattern.

If you use the long tail CO, it really really doesn’t make a row, it’s still a cast on. So you can use it and start the ribbing on the next row. After a couple inches, you won’t be able to tell.