Ribbing S-T-R-E-T-C-H Question

I would like input on what ribbing knitters think is stretcher 1x1, 2x2, etc.


I think 2x2 is, though 1x1 can look almost like stockinette when unstretched. CO about 20 sts and knit a couple inches of both on the same piece, you decide which is stretchier. Like a lot of things, it depends on how [I]you[/I] knit.

I agree with Sue that it depends on you, but think it also depends on the specific yarn.

True about the yarn, they all have different `stretch’ factors.

Its hard to tell.

to some degree, it depends on you, and your knitting.

It not uncommon for there to be some wonkiness in ribbing…
–practice, smaller needles, and knitting style–are some of the reasons.

If you ribbing has some wonkiness, 2 by 2 (or 3 X 3) ribbing will partialy resolve.

the wonkiness tends to make the ribbing more stretched out to start (and so it seems less stretchy)

Since the wonki ness is directly related to the movement of the yarn from front of work to the back of the work–so the more often you switch from knits to purls the wonkier your ribbing might be.

Even otherwise excellent knitters have problems with ribbing… (it really is a challenging stitch to get super even)

swatching, concentration, methodology, the yarn, the gauge are all factors! the only way to know what is best (or tightest) is to swatch and see for your self.

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Your cast on can definitely affect your ribbing, whether you’re doing socks or cuffs for sweaters or whatever!

When I was learning to knit socks I was having a lot of difficulty getting the cast on to work out so that it didn’t get too tight and make it difficult to get the sock over the foot, or too loose and sag.

In Ann Budd’s book, “Getting Started Knitting Socks” she talks about the Old Norwegian Cast On method as being a great cast on for ribbing. And she was right. (Amy has a video on here for it).

It took a bit to learn it and it does feel like finger gymnastics, but it works like a charm! No matter how tightly or loosely you cast on for your ribbing, that cast on doesn’t sag or bind. Well worth learning.

Hope this helps and happy knitting!

Ruthie :knitting:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my question. Your answers really took into account factors I hadn’t thought about.

I am working on a pair of thigh high leggings using a Lion Brand pattern(http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternFinder.fcgi?search=Search&searchText=thigh+high&Go.x=0&Go.y=0). I was considering switching to 2x2 ribbing at the top (thigh) area (the leggings are worked from foot to thigh) of the legging, the pattern calls for 1x1 ribbing bottom and top. I am using Patons Kroy Sock yarn on US 3 needles. I also altered the pattern some, instead of knitting them flat I decided to knit them in the round since I can’t see myself seaming up the leggings after I complete knitting them.

ETA: Ruthie I am using the regular long tail cast on method and also the reversed or purl long tail cast on method. Generally when I cast on I go up two (sometimes three) needle sizes.

the Norwegian (aka german, german twist, norwegian twist, and other names, and the maine (maine is worked differently, but results in the same twisted edge stitch cast on) is one good choice for a ribbed cast on, but there are others.

the Knit and Purl long tail (you can see it here, done in 1 X1 (and 2 colors) is another option for a stretchy cast on for ribbing.(it can be worked in a single color–and you can work 2 “forward” (normal long tail stitches) and 2 reverse (Purl long tail stitches) --not just 1 forward, 1 reverse
(actually you can work any ribbing pattern!)

For 1 X 1 ribbing (my personal favorite) a tubular cast on is both attractive and stretchy. (there are a half a dozen ways to work a tubular cast on!)–my favorite, (not the easiest)
ishere.. but you can search and find other methods)

(some use this cast on for 2 x 2 ribbing, but i don’t like how that looks–(my opinion, yours might be different))

And these 2 cast ons are not the only options–

Of Troy, I use the Knit-Purl Long Tail cast on. Thanks for the suggestion about the Tublular cast on, I had completely forgotten about that one.