Ribbing on my socks

I am having trouble making the ribbing on the top of my socks look right. I have tried K3P1, K2P2,ect. It still comes out not as tight as I see in other peoples socks. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!:think:

The ribbing is often done with a needle one size smaller than the rest of the sock to snug it up. You should probably try that, and I’d say stick with the 2x2 ribbing.

I usually do k1p1 for the ribbing at the top.

I use the same size needle throughout my whole sock, and use 1x1 ribbing for the cuff. Never had a problem.

Does it make a difference with what cast on method you use?

I’m not sure if it makes a difference which cast on you use, I’ve always used the double cast on method with 2.2 ribbing, with the same size needles used throughout. You might want to try to do the ribbing for a fulll inch or so though, it always looks wrong until it starts to take on some length, at least for me

What looks wrong is that it never looks smaller than the rest of the sock, like tighter at the top and then should get a little bigger as you change to all knit.

I agree with KnitQueen. Only I k2,p2 . I brought a dvd on making socks and it’s great!I got it at the lys. ‘The HandKnitter’s Guide to Knitting Socks’ With Leslye Solomon, kinda pricey but I plan on making alot of socks so I felt it was worth it if it got me through making socks without screaming at the needles!!!


Does the ribbing seem to fit all right when you put the sock on? That is more important than how it looks compared to any other socks you may have seen. I always think my socks look “big” compared to ready-made socks which are a finer yarn and a tighter gauge but they fit fine when I put them on, so what difference does it make how they look off my feet?

It sounds like you might prefer the look of ribbing done on 1 or 2 sizes smaller needles. I like 1x1 or 2x2 ribbing. I also LOVE the look of a tubular caston: to do it without the waste (for 1x1) try fluffbuff’s italian tubular caston, much faster and easier!

I would have to agree. That to use a needle 1 or 2 sizes smaller for ribbing is your best bet. Though, just out of curiousity, what cast on method are you using? I’ve done socks either way, using the same size needle throughout the project and with one size smaller for the ribbing. I can’t say that I notice too much difference, so I usually end up just using the same size throughout.

I use the long tail cast on. The socks do fit fine but I guess when I see the socks in the pictures the ribbing on mine does look different. Not bad different just not as tight looking. Thanks for all the suggestions!!!:happydancing:

Where can I find instructions for this cast on?