Ribbing: Mine's messed up

Okay, I’m knitting a wristband for my friend at acting school, and I’m trying to rib it. The first ten rows it’s fine, but then it stars scrunching up. Why does is do that :thinking: ? It’s that the natural stich, or am I doing something wrong? And if so what can I do to change it?

thanks for caring, and happy knitting! :XX:

:?? Does it look the same but just tighter? I’m not sure what you mean by scrunching up. Is there any way to post a picture?

Ribbing is a stretchy so I would think some “scrunching up” is normal. Does it look like ribbing and can you stretch it out and see the “stripey” effect created?

Basicly what it looks like is that where I cast on it’s one length, but then it gets thinner in the center, then get’s the same size as the cast on when I bind off. I try to strech it out and it looks normal, but then it just get’s narrow again. It does look like normal ribbing, it’s just squished together!

Sounds like it pretty much looks like it’s supposed to. :thinking:

Okay, thank you :cheering: