Ribbing & M1

I need help in understanding the following instructions:

This is for a sweater sleeve:

Work Rib (2x2)- I understand this

Next Rw. Rib 3, m1

My question is (Do I K2 P2 3 times then m1 or K2 P1 (total 3 stitches) then m1.

I really appreciate your help.

thank you (lost & confused) :crying:

That’s a good one. I would think the first one, k2p2 three times, then m1, does that leave you with an even number of stitches at the end of the row?


Yes, work 6 stitches then make 1. Unless you have to continue in ribbing after this, I wouldn’t worry about having an odd number of stitches, but I suspect you’re switching to st st. Am I right?